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If you are searching for free pub quiz and trivia questions for you local quiz or trivia evening, you're probably tired of finding sites that offer a few freebies and then expect you to pay for more questions.


We also had this problem for many years, and compiling our regular Sunday pub quiz became quite an ordeal for Neale, our quizmaster, but he persevered and over the years he managed to amass thousands of questions and answers.


So What do you do with all those questions that are just taking up space on your computer? You can't repeat them...there would be a riot at the pub!


The answer is simple - you give all the files to your web designer buddy, build a website out of them and share them with the world for free :-)


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OK - building this site is going to be quite a big job and it's going to take a while to get all the questions correctly formatted and entered into a database. I'm doing this for fun, so it all has to get done in my spare time, so I can't say exactly how long it will take to complete - but if you would like a heads up when we finally open (I recon about a month or so) , just enter your name an email address below. 


I'll let you know when the site is ready and send you a bunch of free questions to your email box.

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